Stoplight banners

Stoplight banners with a transparency block intended for double-sided printing. Due to their properties, i.e. the dark layer inside the banner, they are most often used in the production of large-format advertisements. The “stoplight” formula ensures good visibility of the printed graphics on both sides, which distinguishes blockout from other banner materials.

Double-sided blockout banners are often used as promotional graphics in advertising campaigns. They can be used as large-format printed banners for scaffolding or double-sided flags for mounting on lampposts along communication routes. They can also be used as kiosk flags and shop sashes hung along store shelves. Stoplight banners are also often used as roll-up printing material, which is a popular mobile event medium. Also check out our blockout printing offer on Supraprint24.

Blockout vinyl banner 440gsm

Blockout banner 440 gsm

The PVC stoplight banner 440g/m2 is a material dedicated to double-sided printing. It has a delicate surface layer and is most often used to produce roll-up stands, flags, sashes and large-format double-sided posters.

Blockout PVC Banner 650g/m2

Blockout banner 610 gsm

Thick and strong vinyl tarpaulin designed for double-sided printing. The internal stoplight layer ensures the production of graphics that will work in all conditions, especially for outdoor applications. Thanks to enhanced tear resistance, the 610g blockout is designed for long-term exposure.

stoplight polyester rollup 240mic

Stoplight polyester 240 mic

These high-quality, thin but stiff polyester blockouts have a smooth, matte surface. They are most often used for printing graphics in free-standing roll-up banners. After applying the double-sided adhesive film, it works great as a double-sided sticker for shop windows. The biggest advantage of this blockout, apart from the layer blocking the see-through, is the relatively stiff structure. Thanks to it, Stoplight Polyester does not curl at the edges and creates a flat surface for displaying printed graphics.

Blackback polyester fabric 270 gsm

Blackback Decor 270 gsm

High-quality white polyester fabric with a characteristic black reverse. Blackback is perfect for applications that require blocking light. This printing material is extremely durable and tear-resistant. Knitwear works great in systems pop-up, SEG smart frame, for printing curtains and opaque curtains. It is also a proven material for printing exhibition elements for trade fairs. Blackback is characterized by a white surface and a black resin coating on the left side of the material. The black layer on the reverse makes the Blackback completely opaque. The material has a B1 flame retardancy class.