Acrylic panels printed

Custom graphics, signs and panels on plexiglass.

Acrylic glass, i.e. the so-called plexiglass, organic glass or PMMA, is a substrate with many advantages and applications. It is a perfect replacement for heavy and easily breakable glass. Phenomenal solution if you want to achieve a spectacular impression. Saturated colours on your printout, using appropriately selected thickness and perfect transparency of this material. That is why we offer acrylic panels printed also with white ink which will easily get the WOW effect, every time!

Acrylic glass prints are most often chosen as a substrate for the production of signs, decorative prints, information. Also as advertising plates, backlight panels, info signs. Undoubtedly, it can be an extraordinary decoration of an office, hotel, restaurant, shop, but also an apartment. Thanks to its lightness, durability and high resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions, you can successfully install it outdoors.

photo panel printed on plexi

Large format printing on plexiglass.

Create stylish graphics with great depth effect, in any size and shape. Acrylic sheets are available in a maximum format of 305 x 205 cm. The most popular thicknesses are 3, 5 and 10 mm.

HD printing on acrylic glass in UV or Latex technology.

Acrylic printed panels are ideal as a material for making high-quality 1440 dpi signage. In the direct UV printing technology with an additional white colour or through printing on the self-adhesive vinyl. If you are looking for a sign or picture with higher stiffness, we can additionally strengthen the printed plexiglass by acm board. Printing on acrylic with flooded white ink enables the implementation of many interesting projects. Also with unusual use, giving it a glass effect.

acrylic boards printed for office signage

Acrylic panels printed digitally are most often used as:

  • signboards
  • photos / paintings / artistic graphics
  • decorative prints
  • lightbox advertisements
  • spatial letters
  • information boards
  • elements of exhibition stands
  • traffic signage
  • segments of POS displays
  • elements of interior design

Printing on acrylic panels – surprise with the shape!

Acrylic panels prints can be milled in any shape, e.g. logo, letters, ornament. As a result, it allows for an original effect in advertising, utility and decorative applications. Your plexiglass prints could be cut with top precision.

uv printing on plexiglass

Available finishing variants:

  • routing to any shape
  • rounded corners
  • milling holes in any place and size
  • mounting solutions (distance screws, slings, handles, lines, double-sided adhesive tape, etc.)
  • thermal folding by a given angle
  • strengthen the print by sticking it to an alu dibond

Are acrylic panels printed Led-UV a good choice?

  • Thanks to the possibility of printing on transparent plexiglass, you can get the impression of depth. You will achieve an effect that no one will pass by indifferently.
  • Is a material easy to work with. With cutting or milling, you can get any shape. It is also subject to thermal folding.
  • It is characterized by high resistance to UV radiation (it does not change its color under the influence of the sun) and weather conditions. Its durability is determined for at least 10 years and can also be displayed outside.
  • Lightness and higher resistance to breaking than glass, and thus safety in use. In addition, plexiglass is non-toxic – it is approved for contact with food and is environmentally friendly – it can be easily recycled.
  • Acrylic sheets have a smooth surface that requires practically no maintenance. Just wipe the surface with a damp cloth or use water with a mild detergent.

What should you know about acrylic panels printed boards?

There are two types of plexiglass on the market that differ in the way they are produced: extruded and poured. The first ones are made in the process where the plates are shaped by means of special mouthpieces dispensing the melted granulate and distributing it by rollers. In the case of cast plates, the liquid monomer is poured into the molds, which is subjected to the process of polymerization and subsequent cooling. Extruded plastic is an economic solution and is suitable for most advertising applications. In turn, cast plates are more susceptible to further processing, bending, milling, they are more mechanically and chemically resistant, and are characterized by better optical properties (light scattering).

different types of acrylicglass panels

Plexiglass variants available:
  • transparent
  • opal (milky)
  • smoked
  • colourful

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