Wide format posters

Promotional posters in custom size.

Wide format posters are one of the most popular solutions used in advertising. This product is often chosen by our customers. Its main advantage is an attractive purchase price and any final size. In addition, we print wide-format posters from just 1 pc, so you are not forced to order more than you really need!

Our prints are an economical and affordable form of communication with the client. If you plan to print wide format posters for your sales network, you’ve come to the right place! Many projects with different offer and price? No problem, because our form allows you to print multiple graphics within one order.

The maximum available width of poster paper is: 152 cm. However, the length may be up to several running meters.

Wide format posters offer many useful uses.

Thanks to the highest quality of printing, wide-format posters can also be used as a decorative element in offices. If you are a designer or an exhibition organizer, wide format prints will be a dedicated solution for you. Information posters for offices and public units are another application of posters printed on request. Schools and kindergartens will also find something for themselves, because wide format posters framed are a great didactic solution.

Printing wide format posters using the best technologies.

Depending on the format and quantity ordered, we print your posters using 3 technologies. Each of our solutions offers deeply saturated colors and high lightfastness to fading. An additional advantage is the highest print resolution, which allows you to reproduce the smallest details of your project. The printing technologies we use have a sustainable impact on the environment and are certified for indoor use.

  • HP Latex – odorless ecological printing
  • Mutoh UMS – certified resin-based printing
  • Led-UV – printing without the emission of volatile substances

We print wide-format posters on the most popular dedicated substrates:

Paper Blueback BBS 120g

Cheap, economical paper with a blue backing. The paper has a lower level of whiteness than standard substrates. It is a low-cost solution for short-term use.

Paper Silk Matt 200g

This substrate is intended for printing larger volumes. This is a standard high whiteness matte paper. It allows you to maintain a balance between high print quality and affordable price.

Paper Poster Pro 200g

Rigid paper with a deeply matte surface. This stiff paper allows you to achieve amazing printing results. It is dedicated to art prints.

Paper Satin 200g

High-quality decorative paper with a semi-gloss structure. Eagerly chosen for photo exhibitions.

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