OWV vinyl printed

Perforated self-adhesive film for shop and car windows.

Printed OWV vinyl consists of hundreds of small openings that allow light to penetrate. The graphics are perfectly visible outside, and at the same time subtly cover the interior of the room. OWV self-adhesive vinyl allows the glass to be fully stuck to it. Thanks to its perforated structure it allows light to pass through. On the adhesive side, the foil has a black layer. Perforated self-adhesive film is most commonly used in shop windows. You can see it on windows in restaurants, pharmacies and service points. It is also often used to stick windows in public transport vehicles or on company fleet cars.

OWV self-adhesive vinyl for advertising

Thanks to its fine, evenly spaced holes, printed OWV vinyl offer an excellent effect of translucent light.

Perforated self-adhesive vinyl with advertising print.

Are you looking for an original and permanent advertisement? Printed OWV vinyl is designed for application on transparent surfaces, such as: car windows, shop windows, windows in office buildings, service points or gas stations. OWV self-adhesive vinyl is a popular advertising medium that is easy to apply. Professional graphics in a beauty salon window? A catchy slogan in the windows of a newly built office building? Promote a new product and make yourself visible by placing a printed OWV on the bus or in the window of your business premises. One Way Vision sticker with print is an advertisement that will surely interest passers-by and attract potential customers!

One Way Vision sticker for shop window

OWV self-adhesive vinyl distinguished by:

  • perfect color reproduction
  • easy sticking
  • partial light transmittance
  • perfect “one way vision” effect
  • black layer on the adhesive side
  • available widths: 106, 127, 137, 152 cm.

If the size of your project exceeds the maximum available width of the film, the print will be divided into parts with an additional 2 cm overlap. We implement printed OWV in the Mutoh UMS or HP Latex eco-solvent technology. Using both technologies, you will receive a print of the highest quality, resistant to colour fading.

perforated self-adhesive film for car window

In the case of a film for the rear window of the vehicle, we recommend protecting the graphics with an additional laminate.

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