Fluted polypropylene printing

Effective advertising on stiff and light material.

Fluted polypropylene printing is probably the most popular advertising type, widely used especially as an economic advertising signage. PP sheets are made of strong corrugated plastic, also known as Correx, Akylux, Akylite or Kartonplast. It is an inexpensive, very light, durable and extremely versatile material. Correx boards printing allows for the production of cheap and functional advertising. Thanks to the highest quality of direct UV printing on our modern plotters, we can prove that cheap advertising boards will look attractive and have a positive impact on the image of your company.

fluted PP plates printing

Advertising on Akylite. See what we can do for you:

  • signage for construction fences
  • mobile advertising on bicycles
  • promotional graphics
  • signboards
  • posters and ballot boxes
  • bollard covers
  • promotional overlays
  • stands
  • spatial forms, cubes
  • pallet covers and wrappers

Fluted PP plates printing.

The material is extremely light and relatively stiff. It can be incised on the surface in order to crease and obtain three-dimensional forms. The material is waterproof. Additionally, due to the low production costs, advertising on akilux panels can be replaced at a low cost without straining the advertising budget. Printing on PP plates is an extremely interesting option for wide format printing on advertising plates.

Polipropylen kanalikowy 3 mm

Correx well knows as
Fluted polypropylene 3 mm
400g / m2

It is the cheapest version of this raw material. Most often used as cheap advertising panels.

Polipropylen kanalikowy 5 mm

Fluted polypropylene 5 mm
600g / m2

It is quite a stiff album. It will be perfect as an economical version of advertising boards, especially in the case of outdoor advertising. In this case, correx boards printing offers completely new solutions.

Polipropylen plaster miodu 3 mm
Akylite – Bubble or Honeycomb
polypropylene 3 mm
600g / m2

It is a thin but extremely stiff PP plate. Thanks to its structure, it works great as an element of building spatial forms in advertising. It is an innovative advertising plate with very good printing parameters.

Direct UV printing on fluted polypropylene.

We provide full-color CMYK printing on hollow polypropylene in a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi, which allows for the highest quality. Printouts are resistant to external conditions such as solar radiation and water. Additionally, polypropylene is eco-friedly material with no PVC content. The maximum size of the sheet is 200 x 300 cm and after printing it can be digitally cut out to any shape on the basis of a die. The following thicknesses are available: 3mm, 5mm and 10mm.

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