Custom textile printing

Polyester textiles with full colour printing.

Production of advertising graphics and decorative fabrics with a wide range of applications. Our sublimation printing house produce polyester fabrics with a maximum width of 320 cm! Custom textile printing offers extremely durable graphics, resistant to scratches and external factors. Most of the raw materials that we use for printing have the OEKO-TEX certificate and the B1 / M2 non-flammability certificate.

textile digital printing

Textile sublimation printing means durable and saturated colours.

The sublimation printing technology means colours that significantly exceed the standard CMYK table in their range. The printout is heated in an oven at a temperature of 180-200 C. Such high parameters guarantee durability and lightfastness. The printed fabrics are relatively light and can be folded without permanent creases, which significantly reduces delivery costs. Printed polyester fabrics can be successfully washed at low temperatures with the addition of mild detergents.

seamless pattern gallery for digitally printed fabrics

DECOFABRIX druk tkanin i dzianin materiały do szycia drukowane na zamówienie kreator tkanin personalizowanych

Printing of fabrics for stitching, offers a rich wide of applications.

The collection of ready-made patterns provides many inspirations. You can print from your own files or use our motives. Most orders are processed within a few business days, and the minimum order size is only 1 linear meter! Also ask about our sample fabrics – we will send them to you free of charge. Check out our creative proposals for creator of printing of custom fabric printing:

creative seamstress

Custom textile printing will inspire you to be creative.

Seamless beautiful pattern or mysterious abstract designs? Just select the type of material and print. Wow effect guaranteed!

The dye sub printing is an advertising production:

  • Tensioned graphics
  • Backdrops
  • Deck Chairs
  • Event fabrics
sublimation printing house
dye sub printing house

Printed fabrics:

  • Poly Banner
  • Poly Mesh
  • Heavy Mesh
  • Display Decor
  • Blackback
  • Elasto
  • Oxford Deck
  • Voile
  • Microfibra Bed
  • Satin
  • Panama
  • Soft Velboa
  • Plush Minky
  • Velvet

Sublimation printing house

The technology used for printing on polyester fabrics uses odorless inks. The printout is environmentally friendly and neutral for the user.

high quality green dye sub printing
running linear meter textiles printing

Running printing.

We offer many interesting fabrics, but we also print on the material provided by the customer, which has at least 80% polyester in its composition. Printing on die-cut shape fabrics allows us to implement unusual projects.