Stitching of advertising textiles

Flags, fabric banners and polyester backdrops.

We print, cut out according to shape, and we sew materials professionally. Stitching of advertising textiles is an essential element in the process of preparing effective promotional, exhibition and event materials. The printed fabric, thanks to its structure, lightness and flexibility, is widely used as a decorative element.

Sublimation printing on fabrics.

Most often we sew advertising polyester textiles. The maximum print width is 320 cm, but in the case of larger sizes of banners or flags, we combine them from several panels. The technology of printing on fabrics that we use in our printing house is sublimation. Sublimation printing on polyester fabrics is distinguished by the high resistance of dyes to external factors. The colors are vivid, pulsating. Color saturation definitely goes beyond the standard CMYK color range. Binding of advertising fabrics is an essential finishing element for sublimation printing.

sewing of silicon flat keder

Type of fabric hems that we most often make:

  • carabiners fo flag
  • tunnels for beachflags and banners
  • reinforcement for eyelets in fabric banners
  • silicone flat keder for Aluframe
  • round keder for large format banners
  • edge reinforcement by double stitching edge
  • stitching in Velcro tape
  • reinforcement tape in construction banners

Stitching of flags, banners and advertising textiles.

We use industrial one, two and four needle stitching systems. These are high-quality solutions for sewing textiles on the large-format advertising market. This allows us to hemm heavy and thick materials, and the automatic belt conveyor allows them to be transported efficiently during stitching. We sew with a single or double stitch using durable polyester threads. Additional accessories allow us to precisely sew keder or velcro.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer of large-format printing on many substrates and hemming of advertising fabrics. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss details, please contact our office in POLAND Warsaw by phone or e-mail, as well as direct online shopping at Supraprint24.