Dispa display board

Advertising printed on multi-layer paper boards.

Printing on Dispa dispaly board is the production of advertising materials with a sustainable impact on the environment. It is a raw material made entirely of paper, so if you are looking for plastic-free boards, Dispa will be an interesting alternative. Additionally, Dispa is characterized by low weight, so it is often used for the production of suspended elements and free-standing stands. It is widely used in creating non-standard marketing implementations because it works well as a material used for the production of advertising graphics, which can be cut at an angle to create spatial forms. Dispa display board is an exceptionally light and stiff sandwich panel that is suitable for the production of wide format graphics.

dispa display board advertising large format printing

Printing on Dispa display board with exceptional quality and a substrate ready to recyclable.

Multi-layer board that ensures optimal stiffness.

Dispa has a 5-layer structure. This natural paper board is a flat and, above all, light panel that is both durable and stable. This gives the board natural stiffness, making Dispa relatively durable and suitable for short-term advertising campaigns. Additionally, the surface is smooth and uniform, which enables wide format printing of the highest quality.

dispa display board advertising large format printing

Our offer includes Dispa panels with the following parameters:

  • thickness: 3.8 mm
  • board size: 1016 x 1524 mm
  • board size: 1250 x 2450 mm
  • weight: 850 g/m2

Why choose printing on Dispa display board?

  • Dispa boards are a light material dedicated to the production of free-standing stands, posters and 3D spatial elements.
  • It is a flat paper board, stable longitudinally and transversely, which will be perfect for creating non-standard advertising elements.
  • The boards consist of 100% recyclable materials.
  • Dispa is a paper board that you can cut and crease to create unique POS stands and spatial forms.
  • The surface is optimally flat, which allows you to obtain the highest quality print.
  • The relatively low price compared to other rigid raw materials allows you to reduce production costs.

Wide format printing on rigid boards.

Paper boards are a unique alternative to materials made of plastic. At SUPRAPRINT, we perform wide format printing on plates and panels using LED-UV technology. The print made directly on the board is permanent and does not require additional lamination. Printing on Dispa is an advertisement that is friendly to disposal and ready for recycling. Our large-format printing offer is for companies that prioritize environmental protection.

multi-layer paperboard advertising large format printing

We most often print on rigid Dispa display board:

  • stands and free-standing posters
  • suspended hangers
  • toppers and shelf extensions
  • shop window elements
  • presentation materials at sales points

If you are interested in our wide format printing offer at Dispa, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. You can see more materials from our portfolio in our office in Warsaw POLAND, where a convenient parking lot is waiting for you. We will answer any questions on site and present printed samples of advertising materials. We also encourage you to shop directly online at: Supraprint24.