Custom wallcovering

Custom-made photo wallpapers printed from your design.

We print wallpapers on the basis of the provided design and in any final size. Printed wallpapers are a unique complement to interior styling. This very popular decorative element can positively change the face of any room. We produce custom wallcovering mostly for companies, offices, schools, kindergartens and public offices, but also for private customers.

For the production of custom wallcovering, we most often use the following materials:

  • latex paper or fleece non-woven wallpaper
  • dedicated self-adhesive vinyl with a special “high tack” adhesive
  • self-adhesive fabric – easy to stick and repositioning
  • textured premium wallpaper, imitating structures of sand, canvas, stucco, linen, concrete

The most frequently chosen printing material is latex paper with reinforced fibers. This economical base can be glued with popular wallpaper adhesives.

The dedicated self-adhesive vinyl with extremely strong initial adhesive adhesion to the applied surfaces is also very popular. The vinyl can be additionally laminated, and thanks to this, the printed wallpapers will be much more resistant to mechanical damage. Moreover, such wallpaper responds well to washing with mild detergents, so it is easy to keep clean.

Another quite popular version of the wallpaper we print is self-adhesive fabric. Its main feature is exceptional durability and easy sticking without air bubbles and the possibility of repositioning. Self-adhesive fabric is the queen of wallpaper for short and medium-term exposure. Especially in sales networks, shopping malls, during events and the composition of expo stands.

The highest quality printed wallpapers and wallcovering that allow you to achieve a spectacular, unique effect. In our offer you will find sand, concrete, stone, stucco (stucco), linen, as well as glossy and satin wallpapers.

The highest quality wallpaper printing available in two technologies.


Extremely precise and durable UVgel printing is a standard in wallcovering production. The dimensional stability of the wallpaper panels is achieved thanks to the low curing temperature. UVgel ink is certified for indoor use and is exceptionally mechanically resistant compared to other inks. In addition, it is resistant to most solvents, so no wallpaper lamination is required. The FLX function allows you to obtain an additional spot varnish effect!

The latex printing technology has been tested by the relevant certification centers and approved for use inside households, offices as well as in public buildings such as schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Printing with latex inks guarantees the widest color gamut, saturation and the highest lightfastness.

printing of wallpapers for offices, schools, kindergartens

Prepare the surface before sticking.

Remember that no matter how professionally we print the wallpaper for you, the quality of the substrate is very important. In most cases, the surface should be cleaned and primed before bonding. This will ensure a long-lasting and trouble-free application of the decorative wallpaper. Priming is a safe pasting without the risk of breaking the top layer of paint.

Wall murals with any type of print are a hit at home & office decor!

Custom wallcovering it’s good choice for many interiors. They look great in office space as well as in public institutions. They can also perfectly decorate the wall in the living room, kitchen or spacious bedroom. Our clients most often stick wallpaper in enterprises, especially in representative rooms where training courses, business meetings and various types of conferences are held. Printed wall murals become an element of space that effectively attracts attention, while making the interior look much more comfortable.

SUPRAPRINT printing house produce a decorative custom wallcovering . We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer of wide format printing on many advertising surfaces. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss the details, please contact our office in POLAND Warsaw by phone or email, as well as direct online shopping at Supraprint24.