Printed boards cutting

Advertising graphics cut or milled in custom shape.

We use a solution from a leading supplier of digital routing on plates. Printed boards cutting is an indispensable element of finishing processes in a modern wide-format printing house. Thanks to this solution, advertising agencies and designers have a wide range of creative tools at their disposal. They can use the structure of the material, unusual shape and build an interesting spatial form. Such a package of possibilities is invaluable when creating a campaign, promotion or event.

cutting and milling of printed advertising

Most often we cut and mill on boards:

CNC cutting of printed advertising boards according to custom shape.

We can precisely process most of the raw materials available in the production of advertising graphics. The camera placed in the plotter head reads the registration marks printed together with the project. Optical recognition of markers allows us to cut and mill the printed graphics in any shape.

Additionally, the wide-format work table means you can work with large slabs. Therefore, the maximum size of the processed raw material is: 200 x 300 cm. The CNC cutting plotter offers us industrial production capacity and great flexibility necessary during production.

The products that we most often cut and mill are: large-format stands, character stands, POS elements, spatial forms. Also cubes, cardboard packaging, floor stickers, patterns of printed fabrics and flags, plexiglass covers and dibond signboards.

Wide format printing on many substrates.

In our portfolio you will find most large-format materials: banners, blockout, mesh nets, self-adhesive vinyl. We are also cutting and milling: pvc foamex, dibond, plexiglass, hips. Our production capacity allows us to complete most orders in the shortest possible terms – even within 24 hours. We can print plates with max. size: 200 x 300 cm, and roll materials up to a width of 500 cm. We deliver orders throughout Poland and Europe, but also to many local recipients. Printing starts from 1 pc, but we are also ready for big challenges and volumes, but the most important thing is that the product you receive simply meets your expectations.

See our full range of large format printing on a wide range of substrates used in the advertising industry. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss details, please contact us. Our office is located in POLAND Warsaw by phone or email, as well as direct online shopping at Supraprint24.