Adhesive vinyls

Monomer vinyl

The PVC film dedicated to outdoor advertisement displayed for short and medium periods. It is used when sticking on flat advertising surfaces without ribs. It can be glossy, matt or transparent. Permanent, removable and grey glues are available. The film provides high quality of print and very good mapping of colours.

Polymer vinyl

The PVC film is applied to outdoor advertisement displayed for long periods. It is characterized by very good resistance parameters related to external factors. The film provides high quality of print and very good mapping of colours. It is available in glossy or matt versions with acrylate or acrylate tubular glue.

Cast vinyl

White self-adhesive film cast with grey glue for sticking on cars in full 3D (ribs). Thanks to a tubular structure of glue, it provides the possibility to relocate film, while sticking on the car. Great resistance to external conditions, like changes of temperature and UV radiation.

One Way Vision window vinyl

Thanks to its perforated structure, One Way Vision is dedicated to outdoor and indoor applications in windows and glass sheets in public transport vehicles.

Frosted film for windows

Plotted ornamenting film imitating the effect of frosted glass. Designed to be applied in windows and glazing in office premises. Resistant to external conditions.

Neschen Easy Dot film

Monomer PVC film enables easy and fast application without any experts. In case of incorrect sticking, film layout can be corrected without negative impact on the final result. The film contains a special type of glue which prevents the appearance of bubbles while applying. Available in the white glossy or matt version. Attested as inflammable (B1).

Floor film

Monomer film with removable glue, coated with anti-slippery laminate of rough surface. Intended for sticking on smooth floor surfaces. Laminate is attested as anti-slippery thanks to its structure, it is especially resistant to damage.

Tex Walk carpet film

Self-adhesive film with a special glue formula, dedicated especially to be applied on carpet flooring. The product is designed for application in short and medium periods, depending on a place of application. Removable acrylic glue, used in the product, is designed exclusively for interiors of buildings.