PVC Banners

Laminated banner 440g / 510g

PCV banner fabric, laminated, designed to be printed on one side. Laminated banners are mostly applied in short-term expositions, and their durability is estimated to be approximately one year. Depending on a method of installation, we offer suitable finishing methods: welding, eyeleting and orifices.

Coated banner 450g / 510g

White, matt, coated PVC fabric with high resistance to external conditions and mechanical damage. Designed to be printed on one side. Very tear proof, resistant to humidity, UV, low and high temperature. It can be thermally welded or glued. We offer suitable finishing methods, depending on a method of installation.

Mesh PVC 270g

White PVC fabric with a net structure providing free flow of air. Such a structure enables the production of large format nets, significantly reducing the risk of a graphic element being torn by wind. The “mesh” net is dedicated to the production of advertisements located on building facades.