Citylight 150g

Coated paper dedicated to cost-effective large format prints. It was developed to be applied in backlit carriers. Paper structure for backlighting and proper weight perfectly disperse light, creating very aesthetic light advertising.

Satin 200g

Coated poster paper finished with satin surface and dedicated to print copies, advertising graphics and all types of marketing materials. It is designed for printing with the use of solvent, eco-solvent and UV technologies.

Mat chalk overlay paper 300g

High quality coated chalk overlay paper providing the possibility of double-sided printing with the use of the UV and offset technologies. Thanks to its significant weight, it is applied in the production of posters, leaflets, folders, price strips and wobblers.

Arktika cardboard 300g

Single-side coated graphic solid cardboard. Thanks to its size, it enables printing non-standard products, like theft detector wrappers, overlays on shop shelves, price strips and large format boxes